• Individual Flyboard o Hoverboard ®

    Individual Flyboard or Hoverboard ®

    We have everything you need to have lot´s of fun with a Flyboard ® Buy now your equipment with us!! Enjoy this incredible sport, we are very sure that you will not regret it!! Would you like to FLY?


    Prices starting from$105,500 MXN
  • Flyboard + Hoverboard ® Pack

    Flyboard + Hoverboard ® Pack

    Double the fun, double x-treme,buy now your combo pack so you´ll get Flyboard + Hoverboard ® full package,so you can invite your friends and have fun switching styles. Dont miss this great opportunity!!!!


    Prices starting from $141,800 MXN
  • Hoverboard ® ONLY

    Hoverboard ® ONLY

    If you already have the equipment and Flyboard ® Remeber that it is fully compatible with recent 2013 and 2014 models, Get the Hoverboard Only and you will be emediatly enjoying the Flyboard Mexico Style like the PRO´S.

    Prices starting from $42,990 MXN

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